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Migrants in the UK

a step-by-step guide for migrants

How to move to England

Home to some of the world's best museums, restaurants, sports teams and universities, there's no doubt that moving to the UK for work, study, or just adventure is a goal shared by many.

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Whether you're heading to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, the UK is known for its stunning scenery, city attractions and cultural lifestyle.

Moving can seem like a significant hurdle, but moving can be a relatively painless process with the correct information.

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This guide will walk you through step-by-step instructions for moving to the UK, including finding a job and housing, opening a bank account, the local cost of living, and the UK healthcare system.

Brief statistics of life in the UK:

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Population: 66,796,800 Capital: Cardiff (Wales), Edinburgh (Scotland), London (England) and Belfast (Northern Ireland) are the capitals of Great Britain. The total number of foreigners is 9.3 million. Official language: English Weather: temperate climate, Celsius The largest cities are London, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast. The average salary is £30,420