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Why come to study in the UK to find a dream job? The Graduate Visa can be the answer.

Brexit has shattered the dreams of thousands of citizens of the European Union and other countries to find work in the UK due to the new immigration policy. However, there are also new opportunities for those studying here and getting higher education.

The key is to complete a bachelor's, postgraduate or another appropriate course within the minimum period of validity of your student visa. If your educational institution has advised you that you have completed the course, you can apply for a Graduate Visa. To do this, you need to be in the UK and have time to apply before the expiration of your Student Visa.

The advantages of the Graduate visa

Advantages of the Graduate visa are as follows:

– this visa permits you to stay in the country for two years or three years after graduation from postgraduate studies (PhD), – many students cannot find work during their studies, and this visa gives students additional years to look for it, – the cost of this visa is relatively inexpensive in comparison with a student visa. The Home Office offers discounts to EU citizens. – family members will be able to live in the country with the principal applicant, – freedom in choosing a job, – there is no limitation in working hours, – there is an opportunity to be self-employed. That is, to do business in the country, – carry out volunteer activities, – continuing studies within the allowed immigration rules.

Being in the UK on a Graduate visa is more likely to find an employer who can sponsor you and help you get a Skilled Worker Visa. You can also find another way for yourself to stay in the country.

The disadvantages of the Graduate Visa

The disadvantage of this visa is that you cannot extend it. Therefore, depending on the situation, the graduate should spend these two or three years fruitfully and find a dream job!