Proposed Civil Partner Visa in the UK | New rules apply

From 9 July 2012, the Immigration Rules for applicants seeking the proposed civil partner visa changed. So, new rules now apply to any further immigration applications made on or after 9 July 2012. A person asking for an entry clearance application as a Proposed Civil Partner can still do it. However, they must submit their request to the British Diplomatic Post Overseas (British Embassy/High Commission). To register a Civil Partnership in the UK with a person present and settled in the UK.

The UK Statutes provide legal recognition of Civil partnerships. It is a relationship between two people of the same sex under the Civil Partnership Act 2004. The application for a visa as a Proposed Civil Partner may be successful. Then, the applicant will receive leave to enter the UK for six months. Further, they must register a Civil Partnership with the Registered in the UK within these six months.

The Entry Clearance Officer may refuse the application for entry clearance as a Proposed Civil Partner. Then, the applicant can file an Entry Clearance Appeal within 28 days from receipt of the refusal letter.

The applicant must meet the requirements of Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules to qualify for a proposed civil partner visa.

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