Terms and conditions of services on Visa Assessment Suite

In these Terms and Conditions, “The Practice” is Law Park – Online Services. The “Client” refers to any company or person entering a business arrangement with “The Practice”. However, they have to agree to the Practice’s Terms & Conditions.

The terms of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) will govern the relationship between the Practice & the Client. In line with the Rules of Conduct, the Practice will not be liable in case of any failure to meet its contractual obligations for reasons it has no control over.

The “Online Services” are services clients can access through www.lawpark.uk. Currently, these services are only available on the “Visa Assessment Suite.”

The Client shall allow the Practice to assess whether the Client is eligible for a visa application. A regulated immigration adviser will process the Assessment, review it and summarise it.

The Client must provide all the required contact details. The adviser may need to contact the Client for one reason or another while assessing.

Immigration rules

The visa assessment suite uses Immigration rules to determine whether the Client is eligible for a visa application. The Client should not use the summary review provided to decide on the visa application. Remember that the review is not a formal opinion.

Should the Client use the review to make a visa application without the help of the Company? Then, the Company shall not be responsible for the outcome should the application be rejected.

The Client can only get a formal opinion on whether they are eligible for a visa application from the Company if they book an appointment with a regulated Immigration Adviser from the Practice.

Upon completing the Assessment, the Practice may recommend and advise the Client on other offline services. The Practice offers services to help the Client with the visa application process.

Our offline services typically include a consultation, after which the Client will get a formal opinion from us. The Practice will also review the Client’s documents and application. So, the Client will have full representation during the visa application process.

The Client must provide

The Client must have all the necessary documentary evidence if the Client opts to receive any offline services. A regulated Immigration Advisor will review the documentary evidence presented. Moreover, he’ll use it to give the Client a formal opinion on the likelihood of the application’s success.

Lawpark will provide the Client with the Terms & Conditions for our offline services. However, the Client must opt for our offline services or request them. The Client will receive a response from the Practice no more than 48 hours after submitting the assessment form. The Practice will not take liability in case of a delay in response from the Practice for reasons beyond its control. Such instances include when the service is in high demand and the situation of a sophisticated client assessment.

The Client’s agreement to the Practice’s Terms and Conditions implies that the Client provided genuine and authentic information and that the Visa Assessment Form is complete. On the discovery of the fact that this is not the case, the Assessment will not proceed.

The Practice may also stop representing the Client if the Practice finds it necessary to do so. It is subject to the OISC’s Conduct Rules 2016 and any code of conduct rules preceding 2016.

On discovering that the Client provided falsified or incomplete information, the Practice may void any contract made with the Client without notifying the Client in advance.

Personal information

The Practice will treat the Client’s personal information with the utmost confidence following our privacy policy.

The Client has no objection to a representative of the OISC’s ability to access their case file for audit purposes according to the OISC mandate the Secretary of State granted.

If any condition does not hold for whatever reason, the rest of the Terms and Conditions will continue to apply unless they are also invalid. Everybody shall treat the Terms & Conditions above as independent of each other.

If any Term and Condition does not hold but becomes valid after the omission of some parts, Lawpark shall take the Term and Condition to be the Term and Condition with the modification that makes it credible.
If the Practice fails to enforce any Term and Condition at any given time, this does not imply that the Term and Condition have been waivered.

It would be best if you addressed any complaints about the conduct of your Adviser or the Practice to one of our company officers in writing. If they are the addressee, the officer will record the Complaints Register complaint and resolve the issue at hand. Upon rectifying the issue, the record in writing in the Register and the Client’s file will occur.

The Terms & Conditions above are independent.

Once the investigation begins, we strive to get back to the Client on the issue no more than 28 days later to facilitate the resolution of the problem. If, after 28 days, we still have not concluded the subject and therefore cannot get back to the Client on the issue, we will advise the Client accordingly.

The Practice follows a standard complaints procedure and can provide that to the Client upon request. The Client can also file a complaint directly with the OISC; you can obtain information regarding their Complaints Scheme at their website www.oisc.gov.uk.

Our Terms and conditions may change due to various factors. We will always strive to update the page to reflect the changes we make (in any case).