Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Worker Visa

Suppose the migrant wishes to Are you considering relocating to the United Kingdom for employment opportunities? Look no further than the Skilled Worker visa, your gateway to living and working in the UK. This visa allows you to engage in eligible employment with an approved UK employer with a valid sponsorship license to hire workers from abroad. To qualify for the Skilled Worker visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Secure a job offer from a Home Office-approved UK employer with a sponsorship license.
  2. Obtain a “certificate of sponsorship” from your employer detailing the offered role in the UK.
  3. Engage in a job that is listed as an eligible occupation.
  4. Receive a minimum salary determined by the type of work you undertake.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in English by passing the relevant language test.
  6. Provide evidence of personal savings, with at least £1,270 available.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, your partner can also apply to join you in the UK as your dependant. Both you and your partner must complete separate applications, with your partner demonstrating the availability of £285 to support themselves in the UK. If approved, your partner’s visa will align with the end date of your visa.

How much money does the migrant need to cover the expenses?

When applying for the Skilled Worker visa, you should ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the following expenses:

  1. Application fee: The standard price ranges from £625 to £1,423, depending on your circumstances.
  2. Healthcare surcharge: This is typically £624 per year.

Please note that if your job is included in the shortage occupation list, you will be eligible for a reduced application fee. Whether you are applying from within or outside the UK, the application fees are as follows:

  • Up to 3 years: £625 per person.
  • More than three years: £1,235 per person.

After residing in the UK for five years under the Skilled Worker visa, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain, granting you long-term residency there. Embark on your journey towards a fulfilling career in the United Kingdom. Explore the opportunities the Skilled Worker visa provides, and let us assist you throughout the application process. Start your application today and embrace the vibrant opportunities in the UK.