Land law Maudsley & Burn’s (Cases and Materials)


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Eighth edition by E.H.Burn – Paperback

“The common law theory is that all land is held of the King who is the supreme feudal lord.”


Land law Maudsley & Burn’s (Cases and Materials)

The new edition of Land law Maudsley & Burn’s maintains the exemplary standards set by the earlier ones and is by any criteria an excellent book. We congratulate Edward Burn on the splendid new edition. All those who have to teach land law are in his debt’ Conveyancer and Property Lawyer.

Maudsley & Burn: Land law Maudsley & Burn’s – Cases and Materials returns in an eighth edition to provide an up-to-date collection of all the essential readings in land law. This edition is much more a sourcebook than just a case book. This highly respected text brings together a wide selection of cases, statutes, and extracts from books, articles, and reports on law reform. These are linked by passages of explanation and comment and interspersed with penetrating questions. So, they present a clear, in-depth, and thought-provoking exposition of all aspects of land law.

Numerous changes have taken place since the last edition of Land law Maudsley & Burn’s.

The test of this book fully integrates the Land Registration Act 2002 and the Land Registration Rules 2003. This edition also contains some twenty-five new cases, including the Huse of Lords decisions in Bruton v London & Quadrant Housing Trust, J. A. Pye (Oxford) Ltd v Graham and Royal Bank of Scotland plc v Etridge (No. 2), as well as many Court of Appeal cases. It also includes Consultation Papers and Reports of the Law Commission.

Well written and well presented, the book contains copious footnotes. So, it aids both the student and the practitioner in carrying out more in-depth research. In particular, the tradition of citing cases with their several references is continued in the new edition, adding to its usefulness and ease of use.

Edward Burn is a Professor of Law at the City University. He is also a Barrister, an Honorary Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn and Emeritus Student of Christ Church, Oxford. He is the author of Cheshire and Burn’s Modern Law of Real Property, and Maudsley and Burn’s Trusts and Trustees – Cases and Materials.

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20th May 2018

This book is great. I still keep it on my desk and recommend it to all students.