Lloyd’s Introduction to Jurisprudence – 8th edition


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Eighth edition by M.D.A. Freeman – Paperback – Sweet & Maxwell


To ask this question is to be reminded of the adage, quot homines, tot sententiae.


Lloyd’s Introduction to Jurisprudence – Eighth Edition

Michael Freeman, Professor of English Law, University College London and Barrister, Gray’s Inn

Lloyd combines a substantial text with extracts from a wide range of authoritative sources. It contains extracts of the works of more than one hundred jurists, from Aristotle to Dworkin, and beyond. These find support by detailed as well as well-documented introductory sections – a textbook in themselves.  Subsequently, those offer critical insight into the texts. Students and their teachers will profit from having in one book a wide-ranging compendium of legal thought. Lloyd is a library in ‘itself.

Lloyd’s Introduction to Jurisprudence is the leading textbook on jurisprudence in the English-speaking world. It enables the reader to develop a good understanding of the theories of the different schools of jurisprudence. Readers can also appreciate the contributions made to legal theory by leading jurists and others, from the Ancient Greeks to the postmodernists.

The eighth edition of Lloyd’s Introduction to Jurisprudence has been updated throughout. Besides, it contains substantial new writing, including a new chapter on Dworkin’s Interpretivism. It also includes new sections on the theory of human rights, Bourdieu’s legal thought, Nussbaum’s “frontiers of justice”, global justice, and Murphy’s natural law. Amongst jurists extracted for the first time in this edition are Mark Murphy, Gustav Radbruch, William Edmundson, Kent Greenawalt, Scott Hershovitz, Gerald Postema, and Jeremy Waldron.

Whatever the syllabus, Lloyd’s Introduction to Jurisprudence offers both text and library, enabling students to find, comprehend and evaluate the core materials, classical and contemporary, in one of the most difficult but exciting disciplines.


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20th September 2018

It got me through my Jurisprudence module. Of course, I can find most of the material here online nowadays, but it’s convenient to have it all together when you need it, and the commentary is instrumental. I’ll be keeping mine for reference!

Robert de la Newman, Esq.