Smith and Hogan’s Criminal Law by David Ormerod


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13th edition by David Ormerod – Paperback

Readers will now realise that defining crime’ by reference to a universal purpose for criminalisation or identifying some universally accepted ingredients, such as public wrongs and harms, would be challenging.


“David Ormerod has raised Smith and Hogan’s Criminal Law to a new level. Besides, he has expanded (and made more accessible) the authoritative, detailed explanations of statutes and doctrines that characterized previous editions. Still, he has also added theoretical depth and sophistication to the book by engaging more closely with some of the flourishing contemporary academic writing in criminal law theory.”

Professor RA Duff, University of Stirling & University of Minnesota

“From a student perspective, Smith and Hogan’s Criminal Law provides the most comprehensive coverage of criminal law. It was refreshing to find a text where the subject matter was accessible also engaging without oversimplification. It provides a clear, current, and in-depth account of the subject while offering further investigation avenues. The critical analysis,
academic views, and ideas for reform proved to be invaluable for getting the best grades in exams and assignments. It was a great starting point before accessing any of the primary sources. In my view, it is also an essential companion for any undergraduate law student!”

Sophie Greta Lynch, LLB Law Student, Southampton University

Student’s opinion on smith and hogan’s criminal law

“This is the text to turn to on almost all points of criminal law. Moreover, it offers the depth, clarity, and extensive coverage.”

Dr Stephen Skinner, University of Exeter

“Smith and Hogan have always been the leading students’ textbook, but there are tìmes when all practising lawyers need to return to basic principles and understand the underlying thinking. David Ormerod has completely updated the work concerning all related material. He provides a ready source for the information to which all lawyers need to refer from time to time.”

Mr Anthony Edwards, Senior Partner, TV Edwards Solicitor, and Advocates.

“As a student, a barrister, and a judge, I have found Smith and Hogan’s Criminal Law an invaluable companion for more than forty yéars. Professor David Ormerod has an outstanding editor. Moreover, it is no surprise that it combines impressive learning with complete clarity of exposition. I would regard it as an essential work of reference for anyone learning about or professionally practising criminal law.”

The Hon. Mr Justice Maddison

“Anyone with interest in criminal law will profit from reading this superb book. Professor Ormerod’s synthesis and analysis of the case law and legislation is characteristically outstanding. Like all classic works, it is a pleasure to read.”

Mr David Perry QC, 6 King’s Bench Walk

“Judges and practitioners have to find the right answer quickly. The key qualities they need in a reference book are practicality and accessibility combined with intellectual rigour and academic scholarship. Smith and Hogan have all of them.”

HHJ John Phillips

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1 review for Smith and Hogan’s Criminal Law by David Ormerod

Rated 5.0 out of 5
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
21st March 2019

I provided my undergraduate law students with references to three established texts on each topic in Criminal Law, and the vast majority told me that Smith and Hogan on Criminal Law by David Ormerod was their preferred text.

It clearly presents what the law is, where it has come from, how leading legal minds criticise it, and how it might be better developed. The book guides the reader logically through the elements of offences and defences, allowing the novice to navigate its content with ease while developing a critical mindset.

What places it ahead of other comparable texts is that this logical construction does not signify a sacrifice in the depth of content. The book is renowned as the authority on criminal law for practitioners and students alike. It rightly retains this status through continuing to provide a solid basis in criminal law for the new student and a reliable and easily navigated reference base for the post-grad or seasoned practitioner.

Dmitri Nikonov