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A short-term student visa is designed for individuals outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and planning to do a short course of study in the UK.

Key requirements. So, an applicant should/must:

  • Have enough money to support themself without working or claiming public funds;
  • Book a course in the UK at an accepted place of study;
  • Have enough money to pay for their trip to the UK and back to their country.

An individual under 18 has to have permission from their parent or guardian to study in the UK.
As a short-term student, you can stay for six months to study a short course (including an English language course) or do research; or up to 11 months to learn the English language in the UK.

The immigration lawyers at LawPark are experts in dealing with the application for a short-term student Visa. You may need legal help from immigration lawyers in London to prepare and submit your request for a short-term student Visa. So, we are here to provide you with friendly, reliable, efficient and professional immigration service.

Professional immigration service for a short-term student

Our professionals will work with you and your application for a short-term student Visa. So, you can expect to enjoy the following services:

  • Our immigration specialists will provide detailed instructions regarding immigration regulations and the procedures required by the Home Office and the UKBA relevant to your case.
  • LawPark lawyers will answer any questions about your case while identifying its benefits and drawbacks.
  • Our immigration lawyers will explain all documentation you must submit alongside your short-term student Visa application.
  • One of our immigration lawyers will examine these documents and discuss their relevance to your case.
  • Our immigration lawyers will complete the application forms and answer any questions you may have.
  • We will prepare a sponsorship declaration and explain the process in detail if needed.
  • Our lawyers will draft a cover letter to support and submit the application for a short-term student visa.
  • A team member will communicate with the UKBA and the Home Office to ensure a quick decision regarding your application for a short-term student Visa.
  • We will protect your interests during the entire process. We will keep you informed while the application is pending with the Home Office.