Иммиграционный юрист в Лондоне

Highly recommended!

1st October 2019

Alla, the lawyer, was accommodating with my questions. That is to say, I had concerns about the 28-day rule and a few others. However, Alla was very professional and has alleviated my concerns going forward. So, I feel very confident now with the spousal visa application. I will be submitting. Thank you, Alla! Highly recommended!!

Bartholomew Turner

Great Textbook

21st June 2019

This textbook has just been delivered. Just by the first look at it, I can see it’s clearly written and easy to follow. Good size, although a lot of content. Lots of statute and case comparisons. It seems I’ll get on well with it; if not, I’ll post an update.

Andrei Yurlin

Excelent condition

21st May 2019

Excellent condition and delivery time are OK. Although the product bought was supposed to be second hand, it looks new. I’m delighted with the purchase.

Anders Calargo

Making criminal law logical

21st March 2019

I provided my undergraduate law students with references to three established texts on each topic in Criminal Law, and the vast majority told me that Smith and Hogan on Criminal Law by David Ormerod was their preferred text.

It clearly presents what the law is, where it has come from, how leading legal minds criticise it, and how it might be better developed. The book guides the reader logically through the elements of offences and defences, allowing the novice to navigate its content with ease while developing a critical mindset.

What places it ahead of other comparable texts is that this logical construction does not signify a sacrifice in the depth of content. The book is renowned as the authority on criminal law for practitioners and students alike. It rightly retains this status through continuing to provide a solid basis in criminal law for the new student and a reliable and easily navigated reference base for the post-grad or seasoned practitioner.

Dmitri Nikonov

Big thank you!

6th February 2019

Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Law Park за профессионализм и помощь в получении моих документов! Роман