New Health and Care Visa for overseas medical workers

New Health and Care Visa for overseas medical workers

New Health and Care Visa for overseas medical workers will open for new applications from 4 August 2020. According to the new scheme, qualified doctors, nurses as well as allied health professionals will be able to use fast-track entry, reduced visa fees, and dedicated support to come to the UK with their families. The prospective medical migrants also had to have passed training to a recognised standard.

Tier 2 Sponsors

That is to say, the new entry clearance visa will operate within the existing Tier 2 (General) immigration category. Besides, the applicants will need a Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer who must hold a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence.

Moreover, Tier 2 Sponsors will be required to provide a brief explanation in the Certificate of Sponsorship about how the prospective employee can meet the requirements of the visa.

Eligible professions

Furthermore, a new scheme will be available only for the applicants who are coming to do in the UK one of the roles from the list of 18 eligible occupations. However, this type of visa is not for care home workers.

The full list of eligible professions is:

  • 2112 – Biological scientists and biochemists
  • 2113 – Physical Scientists
  • 2211 – Medical Practitioners
  • 2212 – Psychologists
  • 2213 – Pharmacists
  • 2214 – Ophthalmic Opticians
  • 2215 – Dental practitioners
  • 2217 – Medical Radiographers
  • 2218 – Podiatrists
  • 2219 – Health Professionals not elsewhere classified
  • 2221 – Physiotherapists
  • 2222 – Occupational Therapists
  • 2223 – Speech and Language Therapists
  • 2229 – Therapy professionals not elsewhere classified
  • 2231 – Nurses
  • 2232 – Midwives
  • 2442 – Social Workers
  • 3213 – Paramedics

In short, to be eligible for a Health and Care Visa, the worker must be offered one of the above jobs with an NHS Trust, Health Board, NHS commissioned service providers. The prospective worker can also get an offer for a place in eligible occupations in the social care sector.


To sum up, applicants will have to meet the requirements of the usual Tier 2 (General) visa. Besides, it includes the English language requirement. Applicants for this particular visa and their dependents will also be exempt from the Immigration Health Surcharge.

The Home Office aims to process the majority of the applications within three weeks.

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