Coming changes in the UK immigration system after Brexit: expert views

Changes in the UK immigration system

Boris Johnson confirmed his plans to change the UK immigration and visa system after Brexit. The system will be separate from the Home Office. Currently, the ministerial department is responsible for immigration and security in the UK. This process will likely change how the Home Office functions.

Expert views

Most lawyers and campaigners suppose the primary goal of these changes is to increase border control. They also believe that implementing these changes must complete within an adequate time and resource frame. The failure to do so may adversely affect the immigration and visa system.

Migration specialists speculate that the Conservative party focuses on decreasing the amount of immigration. Therefore, the new system will be comparable to the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the US’s ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agency. Both organisations are currently responsible for security and immigration enforcement.

Some lawyers believe that the new system would make less justifiable decisions. Further, it will focus on controlling and restricting migration. Moreover, the system will prioritise reducing the number of migrants to peoples’ interests and wishes. Consequently, past mistakes, such as the Windrush scandal, are likely to repeat.

Concerns about changes in the UK immigration system

Some experts are concerned that the coming changes in the UK immigration system could disrupt immigration services. The Home Office’s past mistakes, such as the EU Settlement Scheme and the Windrush scandal, weakened the public’s confidence and trust in the immigration system. It would take time for the newly created department responsible for the immigration decision-making process to build trust with the public and start functioning efficiently.

Other legal specialists believe that any negative experience could help the government create a new department with a well-structured and planned system.

We can only reflect on these speculations and hope for the best.


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