Modern Land Law by Martin Dixon – Seventh edition

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Land law is a subject steeped in history. It has its origins in the feudal reforms imposed on England by William the Conqueror after 1066, and many of the most fundamental concepts and principles of land law spring from the economic and social changes that began then.


“Very enjoyable reading from an author. He clearly understands the subject, the aim of the book, as well as the reader’s needs.”
Modern Land Law by Martin Dixon – Seventh edition.
Meryl Thomas, Professor of Property Law, Birmingham City University

“Very comprehensive also relatively compact… well written.”
Jonathan Clore, Lecturer in Law, BPP Law School

“… Besides, Modern Land Law gives an excellent overview of the subject.”
Stephen Davies, Associate Tutor in Law, University of Surrey

Modern Land Law by Martin Dixon – Seventh edition offers a lively as well as a thought-provoking account of a subject that remains at the heart of our legal system. Dispelling any apprehension about the subject’s formidability from the outset, this compact textbook certainly provides an absorbing and exact analysis of all the key legal principles relating to land.

Moreover, written with students firmly in mind, the principal features of this textbook include:

  • a clear introduction to every chapter which frames each topic in its wider context;
  • corresponding chapter summaries which help to consolidate learning and encourage reflection;
  • the use of tables and diagrams to aid understanding of complicated topics;
  • a friendly two-color text design that complements Martin Dixon’s comprehensible and engaging writing.

This textbook includes a discussion of the most recent case law such as Halifax v Popeck, Thompson v Foy and Thorner v Majors. Modern Land Law is one of the most current as well as reliable textbooks available on land law today.

Dr. Martin Dixon is a Reader in the Law of Real Property, Cambridge University, also a Fellow of Queens’ College Cambridge. Besides, he is visiting Professor of Law at City University, London. Moreover, he examines and writes extensively on property law and is a member of the editorial team of The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, the leading property law journal.

However, while these concepts and the feudal origins of land law should not, and cannot, be ignored. We must remember that we are about to examine a system of law that is alive and well in the twenty-first century.

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