The costs of studying in a UK university

New health and care visa for overseas medical workers

New Health and Care Visa for overseas medical skilled worker

New Health and Care Visas for overseas medical workers will open for new applications from 4 August 2020. According to the new scheme, qualified doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals will be able to use fast-track entry, reduced visa fees, and dedicated support to come to the UK with their families.

The Home Office extends visas to 31 July 2020


The UK Home Office is extending visas to 31 July 2020. The nationals who cannot leave the UK because of the coronavirus will not regard as overstayers. Your visa may expire between 24 January and 31 July 2020. Then, you will be able to renew it until 31 July. Apply for an extension and submit […]

Significant changes in the UK’s immigration system

Significant changes in the UK's immigration system

We expect significant changes in the United Kingdom’s international status and immigration system in the upcoming decade. Boris Johnson firmly establishes control over the UK government. We can only await the consequences of future Brexit negotiations and the UK’s departure from the EU on 31 January 2020. As part of its electoral manifesto, the Conservative […]

Coming changes in the UK immigration system after Brexit

Changes in the UK immigration system

Some experts are concerned that the coming changes in the UK immigration system could disrupt immigration services. The Home Office’s past mistakes, such as the EU Settlement Scheme and the Windrush scandal, weakened the public’s confidence and trust in the immigration system.

Жизнь в Великобритании – экзамен – Life in the UK – test

Жизнь в Великобритании - экзамен - Life in the UK - test заявления

Сдача теста “Жизнь в Великобритании” необходима при подачи иммиграционного заявления на британское гражданство. Это также нужно для постоянного вида на жительство в Соединенном королевстве. Тест можно забронировать на официальном сайте за три дня до сдачи, его стоимость 50 фунтов.